Children’s Keepsake Art Portfolio

Are your child’s art projects beginning to take over the fridge or your spare bedroom? Then you will love this find! My 4 yr old has been obsessed with drawing since about 18 months and I’m now onto our 2nd art portfolio from Lakeshore Learning. My friend gave Kenzie this personalized art portfolio for Christmas 2 years ago, and this year, I bought 2 more personalized portfolios for both kids. Kyle, age 2, is equally impressed with his own treasured place to store his scribbles and craft projects from his Mommy & Me class. At $20 you can’t beat the value to safely secure your kids art projects and save your sanity if they are taking over your home. Throwing scribbles out breaks my heart so I love saving them in this easy folder style portfolio. It includes 9 tabs that are basically expandable folders so you can label by year or month depending on how many masterpieces your little artist produces! Classy Mommy Approved! For more information, click here. Price: $20

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