Chilling & Fascinating Visit to the Tower of London

If you’ve never been to the Tower of London, add it to your “must do” list. Why visit?

It’s unbelievable. The history is rich and chilling full of torture, intrigue, and executions galore. Views of London Bridge are outstanding here too.

Everything seems beautifully preserved -well as much as can be expected for buildings that are over 1000 years old- and the crown jewels and armour displays are spectacular.

I’ve been to London before on brief visits but never before carved out the time to visit this historic site.

Even though my schedule on this trip is as usual a ridiculous whirlwind, I vowed I’d make the time to get to the Tower of London if I could possible squeeze it in. This morning I had an open window of about 6 hours from 8 AM – 2 PM so I ventured out on the Tube to embrace my inner tourist. If you know me well, you know I’m an obsessive reader and as far as hobbies go I’m a bit obsessed with my ancestry and history. Must be that anthropology degree calling me back to my unfulfilled dreams.

I mistakenly thought it would literally just be one tower. Despite the gazillion historical fiction books I’ve read and TV shows I’ve watched, I somehow thought the Tower was just the Tower. Instead, it’s truly a castle complex with many protective towers. It runs as a village much like it did for the past 500 -1000 years – and still does today. The Yeoman who guard the Tower and work there as both guards and tour guides, actually live within the Tower of London complex with their families. So cool.

Here are some photo highlights of the Tower of London.

London Bridge. Stunning. I couldn’t stop snapping pics of it. View from the Castle Walk.

Inside the London Tower complex.

Cool Tunnels aka – a hallway – in the original White Tower complex built by William the Conquerer in 1066.

The London Bridge – and me!

The site of Anne Bolynne’s execution. Inside the London Tower castle complex. Uggh. Heartbreaking and chilling to think about her demise. Philippa Gregory fans will relate – if you haven’t read The Other Bolynne girl, and love historical fiction – you must read it! (Also where Catherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey were executed too )

A guard outside the complex holding the Crown Jewels. And traitor’s gate – a main entrance way into the Tower of London as visitors and/or traitors would boat in from the river across the moat into the Tower complex.




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  1. We still marvel at the story that an American bought London Bridge an shipped to to exibit in Lave Havasu in Arizona, thinking he had bought TOWER BRIDGE. It seems the error his still not been learned by his compatriots. Your photo’s show TOWER Bridge NOT LONDON Bridge – maybe we can swap it for your Benjamin Franklin Bridge?

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