Chopping Down the Christmas Tree

Yes, we fell for the preschooler’s dream to chop down the biggest tree ever. It turned out to be beautiful once we figured out how to get it in the house and put it up in the stand. This was our 1st year to chop down a tree (at Yeager’s Tree Farm in Chester Springs,PA). The trees are a bit expensive but include the free hayride back and forth from the fields and all the hot chocolate, candy canes, and cookies you’d like. Plus any version of Santa never fails to impress my kids.

10 thoughts on “Chopping Down the Christmas Tree”

  1. Thanks for commenting on the car photo.. that is why I put it in the mix cause seriously the tree did not seem soooo big when we chopped down the "biggest" tree Kenzie could find… or when we were loading it on the car. Hubby had trouble getting it into the house. He said it was crazy heavy!

  2. Love love LOVE it!!! I want a TALL one for my living room but room isn't that big, so I need to find a skinny tall one, lol.

  3. That is a great tree! How fun. I am being a wuss this year and just using our artifical tree. My kids have never chopped down their own tree so they would love a place like this even if it isn't the best santa I have ever seen.

  4. what a beautiful tree! it looks great in that room and the kiddies looked thrilled. sounds like a great experience. we used to chop our trees down to save money. sounds like this is not the case here

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