Christmas Wrap Up

Here’s some cute shots from our holiday. Christmas Eve has always been special in our family since I was a little girl. We exchange our family gifts before Santa’s big arrival.

The kids loved helping me set up for a special dinner together.  All my place settings are from Target too! (Minus the Waterford wine glasses Рthey were wedding gifts!)

We’ve spent the past week being off line as much as possible to enjoy family time and tend to little Kenzie who was suffering from a never-ending stomach bug. Finally, she is better for the New Year!

Here’s the spread Santa left for the kids.

Kenzie’s mini stapler and her Gingerbread stuffed toy requests were fulfilled too! ¬†Gotta love her simple tastes, however she did enjoy the American Girl doll surprises from Santa & Mommy.

Kyle & Kenzie loved playing with their cousins on Christmas Day too! The kids all sang us Christmas caroles too!

And their Uncle Mike & Aunt Nikki’s massage chair was a HUGE hit!

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  1. So cute! I like the Christmas Eve tradition, sounds like fun and a great way to keep the magic alive! I miss hanging out with the kids over break once Kenzie got sick. Can’t wait to babysit all the time this summer. And OMG that chair is AMAZING!!! I sat in one at sharper image.

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