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Have you ever met someone who absolutely inspires you to give back more ? To find more ways to solve the problems of the world? Christy Silva, from my town, is that person & L’Oreal has recognized and honored her as a Women of Worth for their prestigious awards. I’m just from a small suburb of Philadelphia, so it is thrilling to see another local Mom win this prestigious award that recognizes inspiring women who make a difference. Absolutely incredible! After the tragic loss of Christy Silva’s young son to sudden cardiac arrest, she founded Aidan’s Heart to raise awareness about Sudden Cardiac Arrest to prevent other families from this tragic loss.

 L’Oreal Women of Worth Christy Silva

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Let me tell you this organization is making a huge impact in my own community and throughout the country as she inspires others to learn more, do more, and make a difference for her cause. Through her amazing work and organization she’s impacted countless families, schools, parents, coaches, and children in the state of Pennsylvania and beyond by screening children for preventable life threatening heart conditions, training thousands in CPR and AED’s and raising more money to place AED’s where children or anyone may be at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. WOW! Am I right? Christy is a powerhouse and I’m so inspired by her mission and actions to help others.

Christy Silva L'Oreal Women of Worth

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 Christy Silva Interview – L’Oreal Women of Worth

Why did you start Aidan’s Heart??

I originally started with the 5K for AidanJ about nine months after the sudden death of my 7 year old son Aidan. He passed away on Labor Day, Sept 4, 2010. I wanted to protect another family from experiencing the devastation of losing your child to a preventable and tragic loss to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. In 2013 Aidan’s Heart Foundation became an official 501(c)3.

Aidan Silva Aidan's Heart

What has been biggest achievement of your organization?
Our biggest achievement is the 1800 children whose hearts we’ve screened resulting in 20 children discovered with potentially life threatening heart condition. We’ve placed over 70 AEDs in our community youth athletic leagues, schools and wherever children gather. We trained over 4000 students in CPR and AED use and over 400 teachers, coaches and adults.

Christy Silva CPR training

What challenges do you have?

I’d have to say it’s working a full-time job, raising three children and running my Aidan’s Heart organization.

Who has been your inspiration?
Aidan is my inspiration and his sweet spirit, how he always tended to other children including his little brother Devin.

What would Aidan’s Heart be able to do more of with an extra $25k?

This money would help us provide more heart screenings for kids, we would be able to subsidize more AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) in our communities and we could train more kids on how to perform CPR and AED use.

Christy Silva Founder Aidan's Heart

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Use this link to vote for this amazing Mom who is absolutely an incredible and inspirational Women of Worth for all of us! 

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