Classiest Strollers on the Market

Classiest Strollers on the Market
The “new baby” parenting scene can be an interesting and dynamic culture. When it comes to giving our children the very best in toys, cribs, clothing, gadgets and any number of baby necessities in the market today, the sky is the limit. Case in point: baby strollers. Just as we put time and thought into the vehicle that gets us from A to B, choosing a stroller for our little ones can be just as involved and for a good reason! It’s important to find that perfect stroller that is dependable, safe, and stylish and what better way to start than taking a look at the classiest strollers for 2009!

Bugaboo Bee, starting at $529

Bugaboo International features a fabulous collection of affordable and high-quality baby strollers that cater to your family’s versatile and busy schedule day in and day out. In addition to looking chic while you gallivant around town for weekend errands, Bugaboo offers a comfortable and adjustable seat for your baby to rest safely inside. Turn your baby’s attention towards you or to the world with the reversible seat and adjust the backrest from an upright position to a reclined and more relaxed setting when your baby wants to snooze.

The Roddler, starting at $2,500

If you’re planning on going all out, it’s time to take a peek at the Rolls Royce of baby strollers. Kid Kustoms offers an extravagant collection of customized baby and toddler strollers that will leave you mesmerized between the soft suede interior, vibrant color palette, and decal designs that can adorn the fender of this posh mode of transportation.

Quinney Zapp, starting at $219.99
Every family is considered “on-the-go” when a new baby comes into the picture and it’s important to find quality baby products that work with your schedule; not get in the way of it. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip, traveling to a play date, or simply enjoying the outdoors, the Quinney Zapp stroller makes it easy to travel with its adjustable, easy-to-fold features such as a convenient adapter for car seats, bug nets, sun canopies, and more!

Inglesina Pram, starting at $1099.98
Bring back the classic and luxurious look with a romantically styled pram reminiscent of baby buggies used in British Court. Despite its history, this is one style that doesn’t get old and will surely keep your child looking classy around town complete with a leather handlebar and chrome-plated pram joints to adjust the hood on sunny or rainy days. Its almost like your very own portable crib! Store extra baby accessories down below in the elegantly designed basket or attach a spacious diaper bag to the hooks that are attached along the pram’s handle.

Maclaren Volo, starting at $99.99
As parents we already have enough to worry about in life and the thought of there not being enough hours in the day is all too familiar. A great way to keep up with your child’s growth and explorative personality is to invest in a lightweight and reliable stroller from Maclaren. Nothing beats a user-friendly, adjustable, and breathable mesh seat buggy that is as easy to carry with the side handle as it is pushing it around town. Maclaren’s Volo stroller can fold up in five seconds flat and be on the go in no time for your next family adventure.

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