Classy Mommy Giveaway: Ease your Nausea with Preggy Pops or Queasy Pops!

The folks at Preggy Pops know just how terrible nausea makes expecting Moms feel. Their Preggy Pops and Preggy Drops are meant to soothe those icky feelings with natural flavors like ginger, lemon, and peppermint. My favorite Preggy Pop is Peppermint. Since, so many pregnant moms have found relief with Preggy Pops, they now sell Queasy Pops – perfect for anyone with nausea. Carsick kids, seasick travelers or cancer patients going through chemo.

I suffered for what seemed to be a never-ending 16 week period of 24/7 nausea when I was pregnant with my daughter Mackenzie. I was one of those pregnant moms you hear about who never actually get sick – but just feel constantly like they will throw up. At 10 weeks I thought I might actually get some relief by getting sick – only to begin sporadic and spontaneous dry heaving. About this time, a friend told me about Preggy Pops and I immediately drove to Babies R’ Us later that day to buy a pack and give it a go. It was great to have an alternative relief besides just nibbling on saltines or sipping ginger ale!

Preggy Pops is sponsoring this week’s Classy Mommy Giveaway for all you Classy Mommy readers. Email for your chance to win a box of Preggy Pops, Preggy Drops and Queasy Pops! 6 Lucky winners will be selected!

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