Classy Mommy Giveaway: Win a Free letter from Santa!

Santa Claus is coming to town. After we get through Thanksgiving next weekend, it will be time to deck the halls and write letters to Santa. Wouldn’t your children love to get an “authentic” reply in the mail from Santa? Santa Letters 4 has been making children smile with their personalized letters for 10 years. Classy Mommy had a chance to review these very personal letters from Santa and they a Hot Find for the holiday season. There are over 60 letterheads to choose from and your child’s letter will include as much personalized info as you give them about your child (including info about their pets, siblings, accomplishments and friends).This letter will totally amaze your special little boy or girl. Prices start at about $8 and you can opt to even have your letter mailed in a special red tube along with a magic “Santa Key” for homes without chimneys. Very cool!

Santa Letters 4 is sponsoring this week’s Classy Mommy giveaway from 11/19- 11/25. Please email with your name for a chance to win a FREE personalized letter from Santa for your child.

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