Classy Mommy: Week 34 Pregnancy Update!

Here is a recent photo of the “baby boy” belly – taken tonight on Halloween! This time next year we will have a new trick or treater to join Big Sister Mackenzie (the little buzzing bee by my side!) Today I’m 34 weeks and 3 days! The pregnancy is going well and right now we are in the waiting game wondering when the baby may arrive! Will he arrive just at 36 weeks like his sister – or come sooner or later is the million dollar question I wish someone could answer for us! As of my last appointment I was already 1 CM dilated so this means my “pre-term” labor contractions are now actually starting to make some impact. The doctors are no longer concerned given I’m in the safe zone but I hope to go another 10 days to hit 36 weeks.

The baby dropped just after 32 weeks and around 33 weeks I started having significant pelvic pains, pressure, and tingling as I remember happened in the final weeks prior to delivering Mackenzie. The doctors said the baby is very low but although I never dilated prior to delivery last time it is common for Baby # 2 so nothing to get too excited about.

I think I will be holding out for a while longer – my biggest anxiety is wanting to somehow have an early indication of when labor will start to coordinate plans for Mackenzie and having my husband Mike with me. I plan for a natural childbirth if possible as I did this with my daughter too. I had a less than 4 hour labor and delivery for Mackenzie – so I worry about needing to get to the hospital very quickly this time in case I may only suddenly realize I’m about to deliver and when I’m in the transition stage of labor! It is especially deceiving as I can not rely on the timing of my contractions since I get 2-3 minutes apart regular contractions all the time. I may just need to rely on intuition – last time I had great early signals – losing the mucus plug 24 hours ahead of time and then my water breaking to start labor. However, I understand it may not happen again the same at all!

If anyone has any good advice on how their deliveries with their children were the same or different I’d love to hear!

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