Closet Must Have Essentials #wearwalmart

How do you plan your wardrobe with must have closet essentials? My tip: Think about a few key categories and then stock up on FAVORITES in mulitple shades the finds that fit right. Casual sweaters, solid tees, scarves, leggings and jeggings are my must have items that don’t break the bank but let me create a variety of on trend outfits in basics that are comfy and stylish. Walmart has a link of “Closet Must Haves” that you can conveniently shop online.

Closet Must Haves

My closet must haves are: 

1. Sweaters & Tees in a variety of solids

2. Jeggings or Leggings in Black

3. Favorite Scarves

4. Statement necklaces to dress up any top 

How to Create Closet Must Haves on a Budget

Shopping at Walmart for some staples will help you go easy on your wallet. Plus, when I find something I love, I buy it in multiple shades. For instance, when I found a casual George sweater top I adored, I bought it 3 transitional shades so it would work for me in Fall, Winter, and Spring.


I love my leggings so I always recommend a classic black pair as it will work with anything. Tall boots, flip flops, or even high heels can take your look from casual to dressy too.


Simply add a scarf or an affordable $10 statement necklace and you can transform your outfits in a snap too!



Spring Essential Fashion Finds at Walmart

I popped in store at Walmart to check out their latest spring must haves. They happened to be out of my size in a bunch of my faves but these on trend staples will take your wardrobe far and go easy on your wallet!




And if you love Jeggings and Leggings, shop this line that is available in over a dozen shades and patterns! I love the green and pink hues for spring as they are bold and make a colorful statement.

Pink Jeggings

Green Spring Jeggings



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