Comfort Suites Paradise Island Review and Photos #VisitParadise

So excited to share details about our trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas . Check out our Comfort Suites Paradise Island review and photos for the full scoop on this value resort in the Caribbean below. We loved the value the Comfort Suites Paradise Island offers families and EVERY room is a suite too along with including many other amenities FREE of charge.

The Comfort Suites Paradise Island in the Bahamas is the best value resort in the Bahamas, and perhaps the entire Caribbean considering a stay at this hotel includes an all access pass to the elaborate waterslide and aquatic life fun at the Atlantis Resort. This pass includes access to everything an Atlantis hotel guest would have access to – the beaches, the Dig aquarium, the waterslides, and the pools.

Other items that are included at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island include free wifi, free breakfast for the entire family daily,  a fridge in your room, and kids eat free all day everyday (up to $7.00) for lunch and dinner too.

The Comfort Suites Paradise Island is located across the street and just a short walking distance from the Coral Towers section of the Atlantis Resort.

Comfort Suites Paradise Island Bahamas Photos

Here are some photos of the Comfort Suites Paradise Island guest rooms. Every room is a suite. Rooms either have 2 double beds and a pull out couch or 1 King Bed and a pull out couch. The Comfort Suites Paradise Island has been recently renovated – all new bedding and carpeting and a renovated lobby area.

Comfort Suites Paradise Island

Each room has a divider between the beds and the area which had a coffee table and sofa bed / pull out couch.

The rooms generally seem to have a garden, island or pool  view which include views of palm trees and landscaping. There aren’t any rooms with ocean views as the Comfort Suites Paradise Island sits away from the beach with other hotel properties on the beach front areas.



Comfort Suites Paradise Island Pool

Here’s a view of the inner courtyard which also has a pool and poolside bar. This courtyard is also  where the restaurant for free breakfast is located. We were able to go in and grab our buffet breakfast and sit by the pool. Pretty, quiet, and it was wonderful to be outside in the Caribbean warm fresh air.


The pool is basic versus the elaborate pools with waterslides and waterfalls you’ll use while enjoying your free pass to Atlantis, but the courtyard is secluded, quiet, and a great break from the crowds at Atlantis. The landscaping with flowers, plants and palm trees is beautiful. It’s a little oasis!


The pool even has a swim up bar!


Kids Eat Free at Comfort Suites Paradise Island


Everyone in the family can eat a buffet breakfast FREE daily at the Comfort Suites at the hotel’s restaurant located next to the pool within the pretty pool courtyard. The breakfast buffet is basic but offers everything you need or could want to get you fully charge for your busy day at the beach. Cereals, hot options like eggs or oatmeal, waffles, bagels, fresh fruit, along with juice and milk too.


Kids eat free all day every day at the Comfort Suites if you eat lunch at their hotel restaurant by the pool or dinner at a restaurant named Anthony’s across the street from the hotel. The kids eat free option is for a $7 value. If your child orders something worth more than $7, they will just subtract $7 off your bill. Easy!

Comfort Suites Paradise Island Includes Free Passes to Atlantis Resort

The Comfort Suites offers a real deal for families who want to escape to the Caribbean and indulge in the pleasures of the Atlantis Resort as every stay at the Comfort Suites includes free ALL ACESSS passes to Atlantis  for the entire family. This Atlantis pass is all access for everything as if you were staying at Atlantis – a much pricier resort – as this pass includes everything – access to  the beaches, the Dig Aquarium, and Aquaventure – which has all the elaborate waterslides.  for the entire family

You and your children will love everything Atlantis has to offer. The aquatic life within the aquariums, in the lagoon, and in all the small open water areas throughout the resort are fascinating. Everything imaginable! Free shark feedings you can watch, a giant DIG aquarium to walk through that includes the buried ruins of Atlantis along with a host of sea life, stingray area, sea turtle areas, and more. Simply incredible!


The waterslides and beaches are great at Atlantis as well – you’ll love being able to take advantage of all of the Atlantis waterparks and beautiful beaches too while staying at the Comfort Suites in Paradise Island.

The only challenge to your free pass to Atlantis is that while staying at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island, you will need to secure a new wristband daily that lets you and your family enjoy Atlantis. You can get this band at the Royal Towers Lower level lobby every day but it is almost a 15 minute walk from the Comfort Suites hotel to where you get your wrist band. From there, since Atlantis is so gigantic, it could be another 15 minutes until you reach the beach or pool you are hoping to hang out at or explore that day. (Compared to being a guest at Atlantis – you can get you wrist band 1x and it lasts for your stay)

The good news is that getting your wrist band is simple and only takes a few minutes once your arrive at Atlantis –  you just show your special pass and you are good to go and Atlantis staff quickly prints wristbands for every member of your family.

And don’t underestimate the value of this free pass to Atlantis – just to give you an idea, it would typically cost $120 for the day per person to enjoy Atlantis!

Here is a photo of the Mayan Tower that houses several waterslides including the Leap of Faith and the Serpent Slide that finishes through a shark tank – you can see all the sharks while you float on your raft in clear tube that is in the shark tank. Awesome!

It truly is incredible that a stay at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island includes all this Atlantis action for free at a price of about $220-$319 depending on when you reserve your room and if you have an advance reservation or not.


The beaches on Paradise Island in the Bahamas are gorgeous!

Note: Thanks to the Paradise Island Bureau of Tourism and Development for paying for our stay at the Comfort Suites and for our travel expenses. As always all thought and opinions are our own.

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  1. Hi thanks for posting. We live in Florida so I’ve looked at a family vacation to the Bahamas. With free breakfast and kids eat free that would really help!

  2. This looks like such a COMFY COZY home away from home SMACK in the middle of paradise!! love this review so thorough thanks for all the great details too! As a parent i love to have this kind of info when planning a family vacation!

  3. Colleen, this is really such an incredible way to experience the Bahamas – Paradise Island. The Comfort Suites is seriously the best value for a family. FREE breakfast is fantastic, and the refrigerator and microwave in the room at no extra charge. FREE Wi-Fi as well at the Comfort Suites. At the Atlantis, they charge for having a refrigerator in the room! I hope to #visitparadise again soon! Getting there is a breeze, just 2 hours ad 20 minutes from NYC. JetBlue has direct flights too.

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