Coming Soon: Pepsi Next

What a surprise! Pepsi is launching a brand new product in a few days and we were 1 of the first 100 people to sample it. Very cool.

Today we received this surprise shipment of a 6 pack of Pepsi Next on ice for us to put to the taste test. (Yes, I did love it – tasted just like regular Pepsi to me.)

And it was a smart marketing plan too as I had no idea this package would be arriving but was beyond intrigued with their special note telling me I would be 1 of 100 people who would get to taste this new soda before it hit shelves on March 26th across the country.

What’s new about Pepsi Next?

The great news is this soda tasted just like regular Pepsi to me. I’m not one to like Diet Sodas but Pepsi Next tasted just like regular Pepsi to me. It has 60% less sugar and is only 60 calories per can. Woohoo!

Here’s a quick video of me tasting Pepsi Next and you can get up close with the soda can. Pardon the footage as it was filmed by my Kindergartener but we were so excited to share that we just went with it.


As a blogger and someone who features new products, I randomly get packages all the time – but I don’t usually write about them unless it really is newsworthy or surprising to me – Thanks Pepsi for this cool surprise.


Disclosure: Thanks to Pepsi for sending us these samples to facilitate our taste test so we could share our thoughts with our readers. As always all opinions are my own.



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