Cooking with Jennifer Garner: Our Movie Memories

Here’s a fun video I made of our memories from the Kids Cooking Academy with Jennifer Garner and Frigidaire to benefit Save the Children. Remember to visit the site and commit to eat fresh as Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children.

What a wild day. 10 years ago, I was a super fan of the TV show Alias and Jennifer Garner’s super secret spy character, Sydney Bristow.  Jennifer Garner was just an upcoming star and hardly anyone knew her but I was a huge fan from the beginning due to my Alias obsession – truly it is my all time favorite TV show and I’ve never liked a show as much as I loved Alias. My fiance and I even dressed up as Agent Syndey Bristow and her partner Agent Vaughn (Micharl Vartan) for Halloween in 2002!

Never in a million years would I have believed that someday my future self – accompanied by two cutie kids I might add – would spend the day cooking it up with Jennifer Garner.

What a day!

We snuck this picture thanks to my friend Mommy Niri’s sheer speed with the iPhone and the lovely Jennifer’s willingness to snap photos despite her insane schedule and her assistants all trying to stop us from sneaking extra photos.

She is seriously so nice – no wonder everyone loves her. Down to earth, genuine, and real. Nothing seems “glam” about her as truly she seems like the total Mom – who just happens to be a celebrity, movie star, and relentless in her efforts to help Save the Children and raise awareness about the poverty facing so many kids in the USA.

As you can tell from my video montage, the kids totally were cooking it up with some instructions from Jennifer and Chef Adam Kaye. We made 3 separate recipes and both Kenzie & Kyle were able to do everything themselves for the most part —without help from Mom.

Eating fresh really is easy! The kids were able to nibble away while they were cooking too which is always fun for everyone.

They saw how easy and fun eating fresh foods could be – plus tried many new ingredients that they are now wild about – including mint. We added this easy to grow herb to the salad and strawberry parfaits the kids made. We all loved it and mint is a great way to get greens into our kids diets.

We are actually now planning to plant our own mint garden later this week on the side of our house in a contained bed as I hear mint spreads like wildfire. The kids are beside them self with excitement about their new love of mint and our future “mint” garden.

Disclosure: Thanks to Frigidaire for this amazing day. From paying our travel expenses to New York, providing us with lunch, and giving us a cute swag bag full of gardening supplies – which the kids and I  put to use immediately upon our arrival home –  despite the 100 degree heat in Philly! They are just beside themselves with excitement now to garden after their day on the farm. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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