Cornell Reunion Weekend – with the kiddos!

Celebrated my 5 year b-school and 10 year undergrad reunion at Cornell this weekend. Ended up bringing the whole family along which was really sweet if somewhat chaotic. Since Mike and I met in ’96 during school it kind of felt like coming full circle. It was our first pseudo-family vacation as parents toting 2 kids 2 and under away from home for 3 days. It all went smooth and Kenzie and Kyle both deserve MVP awards for battling the heat, the wacky schedules and avoiding any temper tantrums. Connected with old friends from all over the country and some who came from as far as London, Japan, and Dubai for the weekend. Very cool. 3 days wasn’t enough time to savor all of Ithaca although Mackenzie felt like this was a total complete family vacation and the best trip ever. (Wait till she goes to DisneyWorld or the beach! ) Kenzie even fell in love with Uncle Artie and his bachelor pad where we crashed overnight -overwhelming his loft and townhome with baby gear and 4 additional bodies in the living room each night. Thanks to the Johnson School at Cornell for putting on some super kid friendly events too as Kenzie was able to run around Sage Hall pretending to escape shark attacks, meet a clown up close, and get her face painted which at age 2 is a dream come true.

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