Cornell Reunion Weekend with the Kids

Spending the weekend in Ithaca at Cornell for my Cornell Reunion weekend was amazing. Mike and I had the best time – reflecting on our past together at Cornell and for me it was incredible to spend time with so many interesting people and special friends from my years at business school.


Plus, coming back to Ithaca where we first met during our college years and bringing our children with us felt like we were hanging out in some twilight zone where the past and the future collide.


We visited all our favorite haunts on campus and despite some super rainy weather the first 2 days, we were able to show the kids the most picturesque views on campus and enjoy some hidden fun. We did a scavenger hunt at the art museum, raced across the suspension bridge, and took Kenzie and Kyle to McGraw Hall to view the Anthropology collection and meet with the curator there.

I was an anthropology major in college so I was thrilled that Kenzie was absolutely enamored when viewing Cornell’s collection of 5000 Year old stone tools from the Neolithic era.

Since stone doesn’t degrade or breakdown over time, the kids were able to touch and feel everything which was crazy awesome and Kenzie was able to pepper the curator with countless questions on how people made the stone tools and about all the masks and other items within Cornell’s archives. What an experience! She stayed with me and the curator for an hour and I think we could have made an entire day of it!

Kenzie and Kyle had a marvelous trip and Kenzie literally fell in LOVE with Cornell and is begging to go to school there someday. I suspect she’ll be smart given her early academic prowess (she’s entered the gifted program at her school in the 1st grade) however, I don’t know that Mike or I will ever be able to afford Cornell with the insane rising tuition. I think she better become an athlete and get a scholarship somewhere!


This was my 10 year business school reunion and 15 year college reunion – it is hard to believe we’ve hardly been back in the last decade! After hanging out for 4 days in Ithaca, we promised to return for a weekend again with the kids as it is such a beautiful place and great family destination for those who love the outdoors like we do – tons of hiking, waterfalls, gorges and more!


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  1. I love the Ithaca/Cornell area! We’ve taken weekend roadtrips there since my son was a toddler. How fun that you got to show your kids your old stomping grounds and share your love of learning with your daughter (love the story about the ?’s for the curator).

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