Crafty Fun with Blingles

If you like razzle dazzle and bling, you will love 6 year old Kenzie’s latest crafting obsession, Blingles. Blingles are 100% Classy Mommy Approved and are a new favorite for both Mom and Daughter! Blingles are gem stickers that little girls can create using the SUPER EASY Blingles Kit.¬†After the gem stickers are complete, girls … Read more

Gelarti Crafts for Kids

Fabulous new craft activity for kids! Painting and playing with stickers are favorite activities to entertain my kidlets. Gelarti combines both of these fave activities into one. Basically, you decorate and paint stickers – let them dry – and easily peel the stickers off to place them anywhere. ClassyMommy Approved! Kenzie age 6 absolutely loves … Read more

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas & Poems

Here’s just a few super ADORABLE and sweet crafts Kyle brought home for me yesterday for Mother’s Day.   And yes just about everything involves using a handprint or fingerprints. Like the fingerprints strawberries topped off with “green star” sticker stems or the flower blooms capped off with all kinds of sweet thumbprints. The teacher … Read more