Must See Movie Review Crazy Rich Asians #CrazyRichAsians

Wondering about the latest must see movie? It’s Crazy Rich Asians! And if you haven’t heard read the book like me and aren’t sure what to expect, then let me tell you — this movie wasn’t what I expected. It was better!!!! Those who have read the book, probably knew it was going to be AWESOME! (Classy Mommy, Colleen, read the book and is a HUGE fan of the entire series!)

Must See Movie Review Crazy Rich Asians

I suspect you’ve probably seen the commercials for this new romantic comedy and haven’t been quite sure what to think of it. When I told my friends I was going to the screening this past week, they immediately asked if it was an Asian version of Wedding Crashers or the Hangover. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t exactly sure myself what I was signing up for. I just like an excuse to watch a movie. But the best movie experience is when you settle in for a decent two hours and walk out unexpectingly tickled over the plot. That was my experience with this movie, so let me clarify any confusion on what to expect. First of all, Crazy Rich Asians, features a talented cast including Constance Wu from Fresh off the Boat and Henry Golding from The Travel Show.


Interestingly, this movie was inspired by Kevin Kwan’s best selling novel. His book could’ve turned into a lucrative Netflix deal, but he decided to turn it into a movie instead so he could feature an Asian cast on the big screen. While many romantic comedies can start to blur together at this point, this one takes you on a cultural journey from NY to Singapore following along Nick and Rachel’s relationship as they meet his (crazy and rich) family in the midst of a chaotic wedding weekend. The plot thickens as Rachel must find a way to impress Nick’s hard-to-please family and friends. Ok, ok, so this plot may sound a bit familiar, but trust me, the witty humor, cultural challenges, and unexpected characters are what make this movie memorable and different from the rest.

One of my personal favorite parts of Crazy Rich Asians was anytime Awkwafina was in a scene. Starring as Rachel’s best friend, she brings a clever and fresh comedic role to the movie. I was counting down the minutes until her next scene.


Another big highlight for me was the wedding scenes. It was like the royal wedding with glowing butterflies and better music. I’ve never seen a ceremony quite like it, and if this is the norm in Singapore, we are truly missing out!


Overall, this movie became a surprising summertime favorite of mine with many laughs and even a couple tears over the course of these two hours. This is a must see movie and getting rave reviews from everyone! And now Singapore might just be added to my list of dream vacations!

(Note: I recommend this movie for older kids since there were very few sexual or foul language scenes) 

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