Cuddle Uppets – Blankets that are Puppets

We give these adorable and silly CuddleUppets  a glowing review. Who knew a blanket that was a puppet could be so exciting?

And the jingle for the Cuddle Uppets is just as catchy as the Happy Napper song as the Cuddle Uppets are made by Jay at Play, the same company who makes the Happy Nappers. These advertising jingles are beyond contagious – I find myself singing the Cuddle Uppets song all day long!

Take a peek at our Cuddle Uppet Video review here:


And here’s photos of the kids snuggling up with our Bear style CuddleUppet blanket. Kenzie and Kyle say this is a hit and they are planning to buy 1 more for $19.99 so they can stop swapping nights with this one. However, I think the sharing of a coveted object is good for the sibling love!

If you buy a 2nd CuddleUppet it’s priced at only $16.99 for each additional CuddleUppet you purchase.

6 CuddleUppet styles are available in various colors and animals – a purple monkey, brown bear, green crocodile, pink poodle, yellow puppy, brown bear and a blue elephant.

The Cuddle Uppets blankets are incredibly soft and so nice to cozy up with – really these are GREAT blankets. And the puppet piece is truly just a little head on the top of the blanket – there is real “puppet pouch” for you to put your fingers in to work the Puppets mouth to open and shut it puppet style.


Disclosure: Thanks to Jay at Play for sending us this Cuddle Uppet to review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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