Cutest Mini Meals for Kids from @WisestKid #AskWisestKid

I’m a convenience chef who loves SIMPLE recipes with easy ingredients so the recommended recipes from Campbell’s Wisest Kid are my kind of inspiration. I love using Condensed Soups to make yummy casseroles and my favorite crock pot Mac n Cheese recipe – so convenient and easy!

Honestly, it amazes my family the things I can do with a can of Condensed Campbell’s Soup! I make a Tuna Casserole that even my picky kids will eat thanks to Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup and my crock pot mac n’ cheese would not be the same without Campbell’s Condensed Cheddar Cheese soup.

These favorites from the Wisest Kid will delight your kids and get them chowing down on dinner!

Mini Macaroni and Cheese Cups Recipe

Yum! Check out this recipe from the Wisest Kid to make Mini Macaroni and Cheese cups. Delicious!

Mini Macaroni and Cheese Cups

Mini Chicken Pot Pies Recipe

Another mini sized treat for your kids – and one that adults will love to devour are these Mini Chicken Pot Pies. You can grab the Mini Chicken Pot Pies Recipe from the Wisest Kid here.

Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Fabulous Resource for Kid Friendly Recipes

He serves up all kinds of recipe options to Sip, Slurp or Spoon Soups! Yum!

Continue the inspiration, and check out the Campbell’s Soup Company Condensed Soup Facebook page here

For more great and simple recipe ideas, visit Campbell’s Kitchen online  here.

Note: I’m a Campbell’s Soup Wisest Kids ambassador and have been compensated for my time by Campbell’s soup company. All thought and opinions are my own. 

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