Dark Circles Corrector Stick Week 2 Results 

Okay I’m loving the convenience and simplicity of this “anti-aging” beauty goodie I’m testing out this month. Look at just how small and portable this little Dark Circles Corrector Stick from Solutions 24 is in my photos below. I love that there is no glossy icky creamy mess that comes with eye creams that can be hard to squeeze out of tubes or manage just the right application amount when packaged in large jars. This is literally a stick that I can just roll upon the dark circles under my eyes. Easy peasy! It absorbs almost instantaneously in my opinion and feels slightly cool and refreshing when I apply it daily.

All 3 versions of the Solutions 24 Corrector Sticks are for sale for under $13 at all 1800 Walmart stores and at Walmart.com. The item I’m putting to the test is the Dark Circles corrector stick which sells for $11.23 at Walmart.com.

Dark Eye Circles Photo Update Showing my Week 2 Results

You can see my results here as I share my BEFORE  and AFTER photos below.

Before Using the Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Circles Corrector Stick

This photo is my BEFORE image on DAY 1.

Week 2 Update after using the Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Circles Corrector Stick

This photo shows how my eye circles look after approximately 10 days usage of my Dark Circles. I was really surprised to see that I actually did indeed notice a difference in my photos in that my dark circles are less prominent after just over a week on the program using this Dark Circles corrector stick a minimum of 2x per day – in the morning and evening.

I admit I’m very excited to see what results I will notice come Week 4.

Dark Circles Corrector Stick Application Tips

After using my stick for a week I feel like it’s become a natural part of my routine at day and night. I’ve even used it to “Refresh” when I do mid-day makeup or evening makeup applications. It’s so cool to apply that I find it refreshing and feel like it makes my circles look better – the box suggests you can do this and I’m going with it!

I think that going forward I need to be more aggressive during my application and really use my finger to get in the deeper angled crevices between my eyes and nose. I find this to be my “DARKEST” and most shadowed area and during week one I was really just ROLLING my stick under my eyes. Going forward I intend to roll and then rub with my fingers into those tougher to reach spots due to the width of the stick.

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