Day 1 in Beverly Hills

All my stars aligned this week to let me take advantage of a fabulous press junket. I’m so excited to be in California I can hardly stand it. I’m here for Jack Black’s new movie titled, “Gulliver’s Travels” – a modern spin on Jonathan Swift’s novel from a century ago. Here’s a quick video of my hotel room at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Promise to share some “real” material soon with a movie review, cast interviews, photos, and other tidbits as soon as we are allowed to post per the studio.

Can’t wait to see Gulliver’s Travels tonight – in 3D  and to meet up with Jack Black and his cast tomorrow for interviews. The Four Seasons is totally gorgeous and seems to be buzzing with Hollywood activity and other similar press events like the one I’m attending tomorrow. Hoping to get some sneak peeks of stars at the hotel or shopping out and about tomorrow.   I doubt I’ll see them at the pool, but it was gorgeous there today – I had a little lunch by myself overlooking both LA and the Hollywood Hills poolside.

Still, as exciting as these trips are, it feels lonely without the kids. Whenever I go away without Kenzie and Kyle I always feel like I’m forgetting something very important. No little hands to hold crossing the streets, no food to cut at meal time, no little boys to remind to run to the potty. I find myself constantly stopping to see what I’m forgetting – thinking it’s my purse or cell phone. When really all I’m forgetting is actually at home patiently waiting for Mommy to return.

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