Day 1 on our Carnival Cruise

All went smoothly yesterday as we embarked on our 7 Day Carnival Cruise from Baltimore to the Eastern Caribbean. A big advantage to leaving from a port close to home was not having to deal with air travel before the cruise. We literally just drove right up to the ship and began to go through customs/security to board. This is a huge bonus when traveling with kids. It was awesome to just drive 2 hrs to Baltimore and arrive at our vacation destination. And in 2 days we’ll be hitting the beach in Grand Turk!

The kids are beyond impressed with the ship. And we actually love our cabin – despite it only being 185 square feet vs our 4000 square feet of real estate at home. It is ultra cozy with bunk beds for the kids which thrill both of them to no end. Plus, we have a nice sized balcony with 2 chairs and a table and a gorgeous view of the Ocean Blue. If you ever cruise, book the room with a balcony. You will not regret it. Plus, when the kids nap later today, I will sit out on the deck and read. It’s so fun to see the ocean whizzing by.

This will definitely be a trip to remember. Mike and I were realizing that Kenzie at almost 5 will actually have memories of this adventure when she is older too which is very cool.

Here we are on the top of the deck as we are leaving Baltimore.

Mike and Kyle enjoying an ice cream. It was so windy, Kyle’s ice cream blew all over Mike out of the cone.

Today we’ll be testing out the water slide, playing mini golf, and I can’t wait to go for a run on deck. Hoping to find a bigger track – than this baby one – it is super duper small so we’ll see if I can run on a lower deck but the kids will love running on this baby track surrounding the mini golf course – it’s on the very tip top of the ship on the 11th deck!

And Kenzie has already found true love on the ship with William, my friend Audrey’s little boy. They take our hand holding messages seriously.

I’ve captured some fabulous videos already – cabin room tour, departing Baltimore and traveling under the huge bridge while on board the Cruise Ship,   but the upload time on the ship seems to be painfully slow so I don’t know if I’ll be able to share videos in real time. Boo hoo. Maybe if I take some super duper short ones (like 20 seconds!) I’m trying to upload,  but we have very limited Internet Time and it takes a while upload video on a ship. The Internet connection is excellent for the email, surfing the net, and posting to my blog, but video always takes a long time.I”ll try to re-take some super short videos so I can share in real time!

More to come later.

Disclosure:  Yes, we’re feeling super lucky as Carnival Cruise Lines is paying for our travel expenses. As always, I’ll be sharing the real dish &  all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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