Dear Dumb Diary the MOVIE airs Friday September 6th on Hallmark Channel

This movie looks super cute for families! Fans of the Dear Dumb Diary series of books will be thrilled to see this series adapted into a musical movie experience exclusively for Walden Family Theater. With back to school in full swing, reading a book and then watching it as a movie or vice versa is a great way to encourage reading, family time, and a discussion of the book.

When I heard this book series was being made into a movie, I encouraged Kenzie, my avid 7 year old reader to read it in preparation for seeing the movie. She absolutely loved it and honestly read this chapter book in one evening – she literally could NOT put it down. She was captivated and as a Mom who wants to be sure to instill a love of reading in her children, this book definitely met my expectations.

Dear Dumb Diary is a New York Times best-selling book series by author and illustrator Jim Benton, and obviously many others are big fans of the books beyond my 7 year old Kenzie.

Walmart and P&G will present the Walden Family Theater premier of Dear Dumb Diary Friday, 9/6 on the Hallmark Channel. I can’t wait to do a family movie night with both children to watch Dear Dumb Diary. I’m sure they will really enjoy it as the Walden Family theater films are heartwarming and fun for the entire family. We loved Space Warriors which premiered earlier this year, and I predict we’ll all love this movie tomorrow night!

Kenzie’s “Kid” review:

Other girls my age will really like this book. It reminds me of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or the Dork Diaries because there are lots of doodles. Drawings between words make it fun. I love chapter books and both of those series too. I loved this book and read it really fast – in one night. 

Other kids ids might also like Dear Dumb Diary because it is very funny. The main character Jamie basically TALKS to her diary which is cool. And when you are reading it you also feel like she is talking to YOU. In the book, it was interesting that Jamie had an enemy named Angelina. Jamie tried to steal Angelina’s school records to see if Angelina really was BAD or not.

You’ll have to read the book – or I guess see the movie — to find out what happens…. 

Check out the Trailer for Dear Dumb Diary here. It looks cute and I’m sure my 2nd grader and myself will adore this family movie.

Dear Dumb Diary will air on the Hallmark Channel on Friday Sept. 6th and again on Sept. 13th and October 11th. You can purchase the DVD of Dear Dumb Diary at Walmart in-store on Tuesday September 9th for $16.96.

Here’s some more great stills and scenes from the upcoming musical movie of Dear Dumb Diary. It looks so cute!

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  1. Oh too bad we’re traveling tonight, my daughter would love this! Those Wimpy Kid movies are the only live action films she likes that don’t involve dinosaurs or alien, so I think she’d love this!

  2. Please please tell me how I can find out how to purchase that pink dress in Just A Number! Do you know the designer/ brand?

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