Delicious Chewable Probiotics for Kids from CVS #FindYourHealthy

Are you a believer in Probiotics? With the health problems that Kenzie has been battling with her asthma, so many real life and online friends have recommended probiotics to us. Probiotics are known to help boost immunity and gut health. With the copious amounts of antibiotics Kenzie has to take due to her frequent chest infections, I love knowing I’m doing something beyond just giving her yogurt to counter the negative effects of antibiotics on your gut. Here’s the scoop on the Delicious Chewable Probiotics for Kids from CVS.

Delicious Chewable Probiotics for Kids from CVS

Take a peek at the chewable probiotic for kids from CVS. Notice how small it is? Genius! This makes it easy to chew thanks to the small size. Even better they are grape flavored. I admit I’ve started popping one of these every few days myself too when I hand it out to Kenzie.

Here’s Kenzie doing one of her many breathing treatments…… Sigh!

You can buy a box with 30 days supply of Kids Chewable Probiotics at CVS for only $16.99.

Taking a daily probiotic is a great way to restore balance to your gut. Right now this is part of our daily routine given the amount of antibiotics Kenzie has taken in the last 8 weeks. We started this routine back in August so have been doing it for the last 6 weeks. She’s had ZERO intestinal woes with her antibiotics now too and she absolutely LOVES the grape flavored easy to chew probiotic. Hooray to CVS for creating this easy to do chewable that is NOT a gummy probiotic too. (Our Dentist encouraged her to avoid a gummy since a regular chewable is better for her teeth!)

Hopefully, when things bounce back to normal with her lungs, we can just keep these on hand to use when she does land herself with another infection and has to go on a course of antibiotics.

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