Delicious Eats at True Food Kitchen

We are OBSESSED with True Food Kitchen! Absolute Delicious Eats at True Food Kitchen for the win! Healthy, affordable and beyond delicious! Super interesting food combos that creatively mix ingredients to make healthy food taste simply AMAZING! True Food Kitchen is now officially a favorite local restaurant for me after Mike and I experienced a preview night in their new location in King of Prussia, PA located directly next door to the Mall. Classy Mommy Approved!


Delicious Eats at True Food Kitchen

There’s 20 True Food Kitchen restaurants in the USA and now King of Prussia, PA is the home to one of their recently opened restaurants. WOOHOO!!!! We can’t rave enough abut our experience at True Food Kitchen. The menu offers nearly every food preference with a variety of gluten-free, naturally organic, vegetarian and vegan offerings. The kids menu is awesome too so we’ll definitely be returning with Kenzie and Kyle, who is gluten free due to celiac disease. The kids were bummed our invite didn’t include them for the preview night and seeing how wonderful this restaurant looks to be for kids and families we’ll definitely bring them on our next eating adventure!


I ordered the Grilled Fish Tacos – they were made with sea bass and were outstanding! The best Fish Tacos of my life! I also absolutely loved the Kale Guacamole made with pink grapefruit to put a creative twist on a classic starter. Desserts were also to die for and Mike said he ate the absolute best burger of his life – made with grass fed beef too!

The cocktails and refreshers menu is extensive, healthy and super yummy. I loved my non- alcoholic Hnagover Rx made with pineapple, orange, honey, and coconut water. The Cherry Chia Limeade was delish too!



Official info on True Food Kitchen


Renowned physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, helped establish True Food Kitchen on a set of simple and exhaustively researched principles known as the Anti-Inflammatory Diet. This diet—not so much a “diet” in the ever-trendy weight loss variety—encourages simple changes in eating habits to avoid and counteract chronic inflammation: a root cause of heart disease, many cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and more. It is a way of selecting and preparing foods based on science that can help people achieve and maintain optimum health over their lifetime. 

Learn more about True Food Kitchen here.

We opted to eat on the outdoor patio which we found to be much more quiet and preferable. The high open ceilings are neat for ambiance but create lots of sound, so it’s definitely a quieter environment on the patio.


Cheers! Can I go back already??? This is going to be our new local hot spot for any celebrations or date nights!


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