Dessert with Kyra Sedgewick!

Sorry for being a bit secretive yesterday, but Jo-Lynne and I were waiting for an official OK to dish on our upcoming NYC event. So here it is! A private screening of TNT’s “The Closer” which will air all new on July 14th. Drinks and Dessert are to follow supposedly with a Q&A with star Kyra Sedgewick (also wife of Kevin Bacon!)

So what would you ask if her? Let us know and we’ll see what we can find out for everyone.

This truly is the equivalent of a night at the Oscars for me – an ordinary East Coast Suburban stay at home Mom with 2 kids both 2 & under. It is just unbelievable and I’m sure we will be both be a little starstruck. Sometimes I feel like I hardly get more than 3 miles from my house as my only trips are to the YMCA, Target, local mall, or Valley Forge Park for a run! So getting out of my house and town for a change of scenery is going to be a total treat. I can’t wait to see the show, hopefully eat some tasty desserts with Kyra, and chat non-stop on the train with my new blogging buddy Jo-Lynne – who actually lives in my town! We’ve got to stop emailing and coordinate in real life -I’ll probably end up seeing her at the mall or outlets today as we both make one last hurrah to find the perfect accessories for our outing in the Big Apple tomorrow night!

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