Determined on land & water! #XC #CrossCountry

Out of the pool and into the woods! I’m so proud of 9 year old Kenzie for hopping in her very 1st ever Cross Country meet last weekend. My girl LOVES LOVES LOVES to run.

She did AMAZING! I missed the meet, but a friend captured some fabulous photos. Kenzie has lots of endurancea and is a natural runner. Her kick apparently was incredible at the end of her 3000 meter race. (About 2 miles!)

She’s busy with field hockey and the swim team this Fall, but given her love of running and the history of our running family, we told her she could hop in a Philadelphia USA Kids Cross Country meet for their regional competitions to give it a try. and let her get a taste of it. She loved it! Knowing she might have a future in running if her lungs and asthma cooperate long term, we really want her playing other sports at this point in her life but think it’s great she has enthusiasm for running. ¬†Hopefully someday I’ll get to see her race XC – we had to divide and conquer so I took Kyle to his soccer game last week while Mike took Kenzie to her race.

Love this photo of Kenzie kicking down a competitor in the final stretch of her 2 mile race for the top finish! Hooray!!

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