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Check out our review and experience with Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country! We absolutely LOVED our Montana horseback riding adventure with The Diamond P Ranch in Yellowstone. If you are looking for a real Montana style excursion to experience the outdoors and wilderness, we definitely recommend horseback riding with The Diamond P Ranch.Classy Mommy Approved!  Being from the east coast and Philadelphia suburbs, riding horses is not something we ever get to do as a family activity, so booking a cool adventure like this is definitely worth adding to your activities during a Yellowstone Country vacation.

Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country Photos

Get a taste of our adventure in all our photos below. I’ve also got a lot of Frequently Asked Questions so you can learn more about horseback riding in Yellowstone. It’s a Montana Must Do!

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Here we are before we head out on the ride!!! Mounting the saddle and horse was easy as they provided foot stools for all of us and were there to help us get into the saddle and all situated. Awesome! Here’s Kyle using his stool to hop on his horse!


Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding Review

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country


Review of Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding

We highly recommend this excursion for families. It’s easy, fun and this excursion is the perfect way to get a real taste of Montana! Located in West Yellowstone, just minutes outside of Yellowstone National Park, our ride was definitely appropriate for beginners and anyone with little to zero horseback riding experience. YAY!!! For instance, my husband and I have only been on 1 horseback riding trip in our lives in Wyoming 7 years ago and our children, ages 11 and 13 have NEVER been horseback riding in their life and they did absolutely FINE on this trip.

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Learn more about Diamond P Ranch here . They book rides several times a day and are fabulous!

How long is the ride?

We went on the evening ride. This is a designated as a 2 hour ride and I believe we spent just about 2 hours door to door riding or close to it. We met at the ranch at 5:10 for our 5:30 ride and returned just before 7:30.  The time before the ride was to organize everyone into groups, grab helmets & rain slickers, and assign appropriate horses for each rider based on their size, age, and past horseback riding experience.

The ranch also provided slickers for everyone and saddle bags to carry any extra gear people needed to bring with them on the ride. On a gorgeous day, everyone would normally leave the slicker behind, but it was very chilly with a snowstorm or potential rainstorm looming when we departed at 5:30. It ended up being sunny and gorgeous for the first 1/2 of our ride and then the last hour we felt the temperature plummet. We finished in a snowstorm with 32 degree weather and snow falling hard!

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

In Montana, given the mountains and elevation, we learned that the weather seems to change in an instant! Look at us here as we are FREEZING in the snow after our ride.

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Is the ride scenic?

The ride begins out the ranch on an open plain, then you’ll head into the woods and up the mountain, then back down again.

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Our trail up the mountain was gradual and wide. This made it easy for a novice like me to feel relaxed, comfortable and just sit back and let my horse do his job that he does multiple times a day, every day! At the top of the mountain, we relaxed for about 10 minutes to take some photos and take a peek at the mountain ranges and vista of the Continental Divide. Gorgeous!

IMG_4425 2

Will you have a guide? 

Every group has their own guide. Our overall group of people on the 5:30 Ride, were broken into small groups of 4-10 people with each individual group having their very own guide.

Since we were a family of 4, our group was literally just the 4 of us and our guide. Our guide, Hailey, was lovely, patient, and helpful. She definitely instilled confidence in all of us so that we felt very comfortable going for our ride. As a parent, this helped me have zero worries for my children or myself.


Professional Photos Available for Purchase

For $50 we were able to buy AWESOME photos that their photographer captured of us on the ride. It was well worth our money and we decided to buy the pictures as we weren’t able to take our own photos while riding . I probably could have hung a laynard with my phone around my neck but given my lack of experience riding and the fact that there was impending rain or snow, I decided to just go with the pro-shots. We did place our phones in the saddle, and our guide took a photo of us all at the top of the mountain with my iphone, but I wasn’t in love with those shots!


Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Diamond P Ranch Horseback Riding in Yellowstone Country

Note: Thanks to Yellowstone Country for hosting us on a visit to experience the wonders of Montana. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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