Diapers.com Top 10 Strollers & Car Seat Seat Survey Results

Calling all stroller buyers. I know purchasing just the “right” stroller or car seat is a huge decision for Moms requiring lots of conversations with mommy friends, online research, and of course aspirations of finding the perfect product you need on sale when you need it.

With so many products on the market it can be tough to decide what is just right for you and your family. Luckily, Diapers.com has done all the research for us.

Diapers.com has released their popular list of Top 10 Strollers & Car Seats for 2010 based on sales. Take a peek and if your expecting and registering for Baby Shower gifts  or “sprinkle” gifts for baby #2 or #3, you can register at Diapers.com here.

I love this list as it breaks it down into categories to help you sift through all the information.

For instance, the car seat list has 4 sub-categories lists: booster, toddler, convertible and infant.  And we tend to keep our kiddies in Convertible seats with a 5 point harness as long as possible.  Kyle currently rides in a Britax Roundabout (#2 ) on the list, but had I seen this cow patterned Britax Marathon years ago I would have snatched it up! This is so stinking cute and was ranked # 1 Diapers.com list.

Take a peek at the entire Car Seat list here. You can browse through it and even print it so you can do you research at your own leisure.

And personally, I find the stroller decisions the most difficult. Strollers have so many varied functionalities and depending on the occasion or situation, different ones work best – thus you see so many Moms owning 3 or more strollers!

Diapers.com also breaks out their recommendations  again into 4 sub-catergories: standard, lightweight, jogging, double-triple. See full results here for their Top 10 Stroller lists.

As active runners, our Jogging Stroller is ultra important to us. We own the Bob Ironman that is on #6  list, but the Bob Revolution is ranked # 1 and if we invest in a new jogging stroller, that is what we will buy.

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