Dino Stompers

The Kota & Pals Stompers from Playskool are one of my top holiday toy picks for preschoolers. These Dino stompers not only roar and rumble, but they actually march and stomp when you rub their back making them really come to life for the kids. And for a mechanical toy, these Dino friends couldn’t be more loveable or soft as they are covered in plush fur while they pack in all that spiffy technology beneath their fur which will engage and impress our little ones. Thanks to Playskool for sending us a sample to review. You can take a look at Kyle and Kenzie taking this Triceratops for a test run. They instantly fall in love with him and begin fighting over him in this clip. Needless to say, this furry Dino Stomper has been added to their list for Santa! For more information, click here. Price: $28

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