Disney Baby Celebrates Magical Moments: From Crawling to Sitting Up with Kyle & Kenzie!

A big thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and the Disney Baby “Little Character” Contest.

Don’t you love those magical moments with your new baby? From first smiles, giggles, rolls, words, and steps there are so many FIRSTS that make priceless memories. I tried to cherish every 1st when we were going through it all but I wish I could repeat them all over again in hindsight – especially now that I’m out of the exhaustion stage that’s part of new mom territory!

I find browsing through old photos, videos and our 1st year calendar to be a great way to reflect on how far my “babies” have come. It’s a fabulous walk down memory lane and my kids Kenzie and Kyle love doing it with me too as they adore seeing their own baby photos and hearing stories about their early years.

Remember to share one of your own magical moments and enter the Disney Baby “Little Character” Contest here. Contest runs from May 15th until June 18th. You can enter daily with all kinds of magical baby moments too as long as you use a different photo for each entry.

I promise you’ll find so many 1st moments it will be impossible to pick one to share! Here’s of few of my very own “magical moments” and firsts with my kiddos Kyle and Kenzie who are now 4 and 6!


Kenzie was absolutely adorable when she could first sit 6 months old. It was perfect timing too – just in time for baby pool season! We captured lots of cute shots her sitting in her bathing suit!

And Kyle was an early crawler – before I even realized he could crawl I ended up finding him in this silly position as he got off his blanket and wormed his way to the bottom of his exersaucer when I was getting dressed for the day. We found him like this!


And Kyle first sat up in the summer too – I love this photo of him and his big sister !

It’s definitely worth entering this contest as you’ll feel all kinds of joy remembering and selecting a magical moment with your own baby to share. Plus there’s the chance to win some CRAZY AWESOME prizes too! Think a $10,000 scholarship for your baby to a crawl on roll on a TV show, a photo in a national magazine, a year’s supply of Huggies to vacations for the whole family and so much more too!

Read all the details to learn more about the Disney Baby Little Character contest here and read about all the fabulous prizes for contestants and voting fans here.



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