Disney D-Lightful Living: Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Time for the Week 5 Challenge from Disney Healthy Living to encourage us to be more healthy. Be sure to join the fun with your family by downloading this free Disney Healthy Living check list here. It’s fabulous! And I’m now using it with my kids.

It’s always tricky getting kids to eat fruits and veggies, so how do you encourage your family to eat more nutritious foods?

Thankfully my kids are absolutely CRAZY for fruit. They eat a ton of fruit. In the summertime, my two kiddies are known to devour the gigantic vats of blueberries within a few hours and a pint of strawberries per day. But when it comes to veggies, I’m still fighting the good fight. Luckily each child does eat some veggies but neither seems to like the same veggie which makes things interesting.


My 3 year old son has also finally started to drink a bit of juice – thanks to these Tummy Ticklers too – as they make it so much fun for him. Each of these is about 3/4 cup of fruit! Yeah!

Tips to get your kidlets to eat more fruits and veggies:

  • Presentation is everything so make a plate of fruits and veggies look attractive for kids to try
  • Replace traditional play date or party snacks with festive food like a Disney themed-bouquet of fruit
  • Grab a juice box with your kid’s favorite characters on it – they’ll have so much fun they won’t even know it is also nutritious
And of course, the characters and Disney fun always make things more exciting when it comes to getting kids to swallow those fruits and veggies. You can see the fun array of products available from Disney above.
These snack apple crisps are a delight and my kids go gaga for sliced apples. When it comes to packaging up fruit – my kids get their character fix with Cars and/or Disney Princess ziploc style baggies.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I’m a Disney Healthy Living Brand Ambassador.

I’m passionate about Disney as you know already – so I’m thrilled to be joining them to promote these Healthy Living challenges. All thoughts and opinions are my own – with some input from my family of course



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