Disney D-Lightful Living: Healthy Snacking for Back to School

Time for this week’s challenge with Disney D-Lightful Living. It’s all about healthy snacking and making healthier lunches for our kids. How do you do it? I love convenience – prepackaged & chopped fruits, dry fruit, drinkable yogurt, and goodies like pretzels and graham crackers to fill out the meal.

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Since my kids are still younger, we’re doing lunch at home after preschool for Kyle and before Kindergarten for Kenzie. Kind of crazy as the busy rush rush rush rush of our days with activities and 2 schools with opposite hours is a bit hectic and confusing for this Mom and my kids.

So this year Back to School for us is very much about a big  focus on healthy snacks that we can easily package on the go that will be sure to be a hit with the kids. It needs to be tasty and appealing – and we have a big emphasis on snacks.

Here’s an example of us with some healthy & tasty treats on the go for our hike & run today – pretzels, graham bites in plastic baggies, and crackers – all Cars themed so very fun!


It’s easy for kids to lose interest in eating right when they are at school. What are some of the ways you keep your kids keen on healthy munching?

How do you incorporate healthy snacks into your busy days on the go? 

Try these three tips to help your kids get a healthy lunch every day this week:

  • Allow your kids to participate by making decisions about what to pack in their lunch
  • Include your kids when packing their lunch to teach your kids about the different food groups
  • Remember, it’s not just the food that gets kids excited – let them choose a lunch bag or container with their favorite character



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I’m a Disney Healthy Living Brand Ambassador.

I’m passionate about Disney as you know already – so I’m thrilled to be joining them to promote these Healthy Living challenges. All thoughts and opinions are my own – with some input from my family of course

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