Disney Healthy Living: The Cold and Flu Fight

Win it!  This week we’re giving away all the goodies from Disney Healthy Living Week 7  Challenge that we’ve been using to help us in our fight against colds and the flu. Enter to win by leaving a comment below telling me how you fight off colds and the flu – or how you make your kids comfy when they are suffering with the sniffles or fevers by November 12th, 2011. 

 Be sure to join the fun with your family by downloading this free Disney Healthy Living check list here. It’s fabulous! And I’m now using it with my kids.

So far we’ve luckily had a healthy school year – but the last two years have been insane with my kidlets getting sick. We’re talking week long bouts with the stomach flu, mulitple cases of pink eye and some  10+ ear infections for my darling daughter in about 18 months. Insane!

As we try hard to stay healthy, a huge strategy is hand washing. It’s so important to make our kids wash their hands and to encourage the behavior – using a fun soap dispenser helps!

Take a peek at Kenzie and I as we demo our favorite soap from Disney.

Try these helpful tips to fight the cold and flu this season:

  • Help keep your kids comfortable in  their bed or on the couch
  • Make sure your kids use tissue when they sneeze and blow their nose

Remind kids to wash their hands regularly too as I find (as do the experts!!!) this is the biggest way to help reduce the spread of all those nasty winter bugs that infiltrate once the school year starts.

Here are other great themed products from Disney Healthy Living to help you beat the flu and fight those colds. My kids and my husband were obsessed with this Donald Duck Orange Juice – it is delicious!  So far we’ve luckily had a healthy school year – but the last two years have been insane with my kidlets getting sick. We’re talking week long bouts with the stomach flu, mulitple cases of pink eye and some  10+ ear infections for my darling daughter in about 18 months. Insane!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I’m a Disney Healthy Living Brand Ambassador.

I’m passionate about Disney as you know already – so I’m thrilled to be joining them to promote these Healthy Living challenges. All thoughts and opinions are my own – with some input from my family of course

57 thoughts on “Disney Healthy Living: The Cold and Flu Fight”

  1. Eating right and getting the right amount of sleep seem to help ward off the sniffles. But when they come (and they always do!) we make sure to have their favorite movies, books and crafts ready so they can have lots of rest-time without being bored.

  2. We wash our hands a lot, get good rest, and stay away from crowded places during the winter. Cuddling is the best medicine when a child is sick.

  3. We rely on handwashing. As soon as I my come home from anywhere (school, store, soccer) we wash hands! When they are sick I make them chicken soup!

  4. My son and I try to wash our hands when we walk in the door every evening. My son likes his blanket and cocoa when he is sick!

  5. We all get our flu shots.

    We use Lysol to disinfect, change bedding weekly, and wash our hands for 15 seconds frequently:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  6. We make sure everyone in the house gets an annual flu shot and take our daily vitamins…. this is a great giveaway, keep them coming!

  7. We fight the flu by encouraging frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer at home and on-the-go, drink plenty of fluids rich in vitamin C, get our yearly flu shots and keep lots of tissues at hand to cover sneezes and stop from spreading teh germs around.

  8. We make sure we wash our hands at home and when out. If that is not possible I leave a hand sanitizer in my purse for use to use


  9. My son loves his CARS Gummy vitamins..I us the same one’s shown above. I also make him wash his hands before leaving his daycare to come home.

  10. We fight sickness by taking chewable Vitamin C every day, as well as using hand sanitizer, washing hands before meals, etc. My kids have not gotten really sick in a long time, but when they do I give them lots of rest and fluids.

  11. We wash our hand often here at home and on the go, just plain old normal soap does the trick. My other helper is vitamins and veggies, can never have enough of those! We keep the children on a good bedtime routine too, lots of sleep helps so much.
    meek_heidi@yahoo DOT com

  12. I’m so fortunate that my kids don’t get sick often! We always wash our hands often and try to keep fingers out of our mouths! And eat healthy foods & get lots of sleep!

  13. I am big on hand washing also. And sneezing/coughing into their arm/shoulder. They can’t possibly have germ free hands when they are sneezing nd coughing up a storm into them constantly.

  14. Hot tea, OJ, and warm soups are the way we make kiddos feel “good” when they are under the weather. Warm baths and putting tissues in every room are 2 other things do too.

  15. I try to really stress the importance of frequent hand washing as well. I also use lot’s of fruit juices that help boost their immune system.

  16. We try to fight off the colds by bundling the little one up when we go outside. And, lots of hand washing which we need to do anyways with one in the family who needs to eat gluten free.

  17. We drink lots of oj and airbourne and we give them soft tissues for their noses and their favorite flavor cough syrup so they don’t get fussy about the medicine and that keeps them comfortable.

  18. To stay healthy water’s the main beverage and we try to keep sugars consumed in low doses – which is hard to do during the holidays…so I plan ahead. On days I know there’s a kids party or holiday event with sweets (cupcakes, candy, etc.), I serve no juices or sweet stuff at home so that way the sugar amount doesn’t get too high. 🙂 creedamy[at] yahoo[dot] com

  19. When my kiddos are sick we use California Baby’s cold and flu bath. It’s nice…it gives them a chance to relax in the bath and inhale vapors that break up some of the nastiness that comes with being sick.

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