Disney Healthy Living: The Right Road to Treat Street #Giveaway

It’s Week 10 of the Disney Living Challenge. I can not believe that 10 Weeks of Healthy Challenges have gone by! Time flies when you have little kids keeping you busy!

And kids love treats too so it’s a fine balance between healthy and being able to give a treat – and sadly a juggle I’m having an even HARDER time dealing with since poor 3 year old Kyle’s disasterous Dental news of 8 Cavities.

This week’s challenge is all about Treat Time! Check out the video here. 

So we are steering clear of all gummies and instead opting for Cookies like these shown here or packaging fruit or pretzels in fun little Disney Cars or Disney Princess snack bags like those shown below.

What do you let your kids eat for special treats? 

Want to win these treats? Enter now until December 1st, 2011 by leaving a comment below. Enter daily for more chances to win. 

Check out the tips below on ways to help your kids develop age-appropriate beauty habits:Try these tips to guide your kids to enjoy treats in moderation this week:

  • Treats in moderation are a great way to celebrate and bring smiles to the faces in your family
  • Kids love to use their imagination, get your kids involved with making delicious treats so they feel accomplished

Enter now for a chance to win the ultimate grand prize — a trip for four to a special Disney Magic of Healthy Living event at a Disney resortSee the official rules for more details 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I’m a Disney Healthy Living Brand Ambassador.
I’m passionate about Disney as you know already – so I’m thrilled to be joining them to promote these Healthy Living challenges. All thoughts and opinions are my own – with some input from my family of course

152 thoughts on “Disney Healthy Living: The Right Road to Treat Street #Giveaway”

  1. One of my favorite “treats” has become pumpkin chocolate muffins. You mix a bag of chocolate cake mix, with a can of pumpkin and 1 cup of water (no eggs, milk, or oil. Bake them for 15 minutes and you have warm, delicious muffins and your kids won’t ever know the difference.

  2. We usually have baked goods as “treats”…not only because they taste delicious, but because we can spend time together baking them!

  3. My girls love the little snack bags. They are always a treat when I find some with pictures on them. The cookies on a stick look great but do they taste good? I have found that they (cookies on a stick)look great but taste horrible.

  4. I enjoy making fun treats with and for my kids! Like chocolate covered berries & cookies & dips for veggies or fruit. 🙂 Definitely healthier than what you can buy at the store, especially if you choose your ingredients wisely. 🙂 creedamy [at]yahoo [dot]com

  5. my son doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to disney for xmas and visting his grandparents this would be great for the suprise!!!

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