Disney Music Block Party Here We Come!

Yahoo! Tomorrow we are heading to Philly’s Fairmount Park to join the crowds to revel and dance at the Disney Music Block Party with all the Disney Playhouse bands we all obsess over – think Imagination Movers, Dan Zanes, Choo-Choo Soul and more. I’ve been listening to all these CD’s along with the actual compilation record they are now selling called the Disney Music Block Party (which also includes the Doodlebops, They Might Be Giants, Johnny & the Sprites and many other faves!)
Hopefully we’ll make it through the day with no potty accidents or temper tantrums. And if all goes well it looks like we might also get to meet the Imagination Movers in person for a Classy Mommy close up. I am so excited I can hardly stand it – I just hope the kids hold out! Kenzie loves their song “Can you Do it!” and we’ve been singing it for months!

I’m sure the kids will be going wild – and I’m curious if there will be any obsessed Mommy fans. When we went to the Doodle Bops concert in April we saw a pregnant Mom dressed in full Dee Dee garb (including the boots and a feather boa!) Later that day we saw her escorted away from the front rows close to the stage -guess she was trying to sneak a fab seat!
We’re bringing Kenzie and Kyle and plan to meet up with another family who is also bringing their 2 year old Kylie – along with their 6 week old newborn. Should be a little crazy but with all these adults we’ll be able to make it work!
I’m totally excited to see what this event is all about – the event runs from 1 – 6 and Playskool also has some kind of incredible “Playskool”Play Experience as well. I’m imagining tunnels and castle sized Moonbounces and Playhouses but I really have no idea what it will entail. I’m sure Mackenzie and Kylie will be all over that all with some 2,000 other kids. If the kids get sick next week at least we’ll know which culprit to blame……..

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