Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin Video Demo and Review #WMTMoms

Another Hot Toy Alert! The Disney Princess Palace Pets have taken the fun to a whole new level this holiday season. Check out our Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin Video Demo and Review below to see this interactive toy that dances, says over a dozen phrases and is basically a remote control pet that little girls (or their curious brothers!) can control with the touch of their magic wand.

Geared for kids 4+ but I think kids up to the age of 10 will enjoy toying around with this one and kids under 4 and younger siblings will be totally captivated by this Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin. Available at Walmart for $49.97 and this pick is part of Walmart’s Top 20 Chosen by Kids toys for the 2014 holiday season.


Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin Video Demo and Review

Check out Kenzie giving this toy a demo. The wand controller is really easy to use and Pumpkin has quite a few tricks up her sleeve plus she can do just generally forward/backward and left/right movements too as you control the wand beyond just her assigned dances, tricks, and phrases.

I think for younger little girls in preschool this will be an ideal toy as it will seem magical! Girls in preschool adore their Disney Princesses too!  This specific Palace Pet is meant to be Cinderella’s little puppy so she says things that will remind you of Cinderella which is cute.

We also like the removable little fur cuffs and skirt collar elements too.

Official Description of the Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin

Disney Princess Palace Pets Video Review and Demo


  • Ages 4+
  • Remote-control puppy toy
  • Adorable and interactive
  • Speaks over a dozen phrases and sounds
  • Follows movement commands
  • Performs 2 pre-programmed dance sequences
  • Light-up magic wand controller
  • Soft fabric ears
  • Removable fur cuffs
  • Stylish satin tutu and bow
  • Over-sized plush tail
  • Elegant glittering tiara

Buy the Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin at Walmart for $49.97

The  Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin is on the Chosen by Kids Top 20 Toys List featured at Walmart and it’s currently on sale for $49.97.

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