Disney Princess Palace Pets App & Toy Line

The Disney Princess franchise expands again with the addition of Disney Princess Palace Pets interactive app and toy line which includes plush, figures, and toy sets. The Palace Pets are inspired by the love Disney Princesses have for all the animals in their stories and fairy tales.


Created by Blip Toys, also the makers of Squinkies, little girls now have one more cute item to add to their Princess collections since every Disney Princess now has their very own pet – kids can play with this free app but also now purchase plush toys or figures of these whimsical little Palace Pets.

Disney Princess Palace Pets App

The Disney Princess Palace Pets app is a free iOS app from Disney Publishing Worldwide that launched in June 2013 and had over 1 million downloads within 2 months. The app is very engaging for children as it shares the story of how the Palace Pets met the Disney Princess characters along with including engaging and includes interactive activities for kids that enable them to take their “pets” to the royal salon where they can pretend to wash, brush, groom, accessorize and treat the pets to snacks. 

I took the app for a demo and it is VERY cute.  Add a tiara, bubble up your pets hair when you wash it and so much more. The app and toys together let children extend the Palace Pet play either in real life or virtually. Both my daughter and even my little boy would really enjoy this App and the cute little figure toys that go along with it. 

Take a peek at our video showcasing the Disney Princess Palace Pets new toys below:


Kids can also save and share photos of the Palace Pets with the app’s photo-saving tool. Very cool!

Disney Princess Palace Pets is available in the App Store for free.



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