Disney’s D-Lightful Living – Make Smart Morning Choices

We’ve teamed up with Disney Living to take part in their D-Lightful Living weekly challenges. The idea behind this fun campaign is to encourage and motivate parents and kids to embrace healthier habits. And you can participate too – every week join Disney D-Lightful Living on Facebook and enter to win each weeks products here!

This week’s challenge: Make Smart Morning Choices!

How do you create healthy habits and a solid morning routine for your kids?

Disney has tons of fabulous products that encourage healthy eating and healthy habits – like brushing your teeth. If your kids are like my 3 year old Kyle and 5 year old Kenzie, they heart Disney – so anything branded with these beloved characters from Cars, to Disney Princess, to Donald Duck, will instantly engage them both and make them far more likely to ingest it as well!


We were able to sample many of these goodies this week. From yogurt, to gummy vitamins to toothbrushes to this new Donald Duck Orange Juice, the kids got to sample lots of yummy healthy items.

Their favorite by far was the introduction of the Gummy Vitamin and this Donald Duck OJ. Previously my kids never would drink OJ. Now they are obsessed so I’m thrilled we’ve found another way to encourage the drinking of healthy liquids plus more Vitamin C in their diets.


Mornings for us are always a great time of day as we are truly morning people and both of our kids inherited our “rise and shine” mentality. Although, I profress, I wouldn’t mind them sleeping in a bit longer – the good news is with the exhaustion of Kindergarten and now swim practice for Kenzie, the kids are making it until 6:30 AM on most days. (Yes, these kids have been known to rise as early as 5:15 AM – so 6:30 AM feels wonderful to us all!)

Try these four tips to help your family make smart choices every day this week:

Empower your kids to make their own smart choices by allowing them to pick their own cereal

Generally, in our house, everyone is hungry in the morning and anxious to eat which makes our morning choices easy, smart, and healthy! Our kids pick out what type of cereal they want to eat – hot, cold or even an egg and/or yogurt. Yummy! This decision makes them feel independent and in control of their day which they love and I find gets things off to a good start.

Create consistent routines for your kids like brushing their teeth at the same time each morning


Teeth time! Doing it together before getting dressed for the day or even better before going downstairs for breakfast is the best way to insure those pearly whites get cleaned before school starts. We do struggle getting the kids to remember to brush their teeth in the morning as they are so excited to go play and eat breakfast but I’ve found that encouraging them to do it together at the same time helps encourage the fun factor. Evening teeth brushing is already ingrained in their routines so hopefully the morning tooth brushing will be soon too thanks to all this cute Disney tooth gear!

Try giving your kids a gummie vitamin to help them get the essential nutrients they need

My kids love the treat of a daily vitamin. And these Disney Gummies are now a hot commodity in our house. Especially as each day the kids are allowed 2 gummy vitamins per the package instructions! It’s a treat we all can feel good about and adding this into our routine this past week was new for us as previously the kids had a hard vitamin. They loved the gummy so much more I’m happy to report so it looks like we will now be converts to the Disney Gummy vitamins.

Here’s Kenzie and Kyle post-sleepover with my Best Friend Allison’s kidlets. You can see the littlest ones are still in their PJ’s but they are very excited to eat their gummy vitamin treat!


Help you kids get extra calcium and Vitamin D with a cup of yogurt

We were able to sample many of these goodies this week. Our Yoplait yogurt – branded with Disney Cars – was a huge hit in our house. Yogurt is something we always incorporate into our diet anyhow – so this just made it all the more fun.

Every week join Disney D-Lightful Living on Facebook and enter to win this weeks products!

View all of this weeks products here.

How do you create healthy habits and routines with your kids?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I’m a Disney Healthy Living Brand Ambassador. I’m passionate about Disney as you know already – so I’m thrilled to be joining them to promote these Healthy Living challenges. All thoughts and opinions are my own – with some input from my family of course 🙂

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