Disney’s Most Amazing Invitation – New Fantasyland Here We Come! #NewFantasyland

We’re off to Disney with the kids for the Grand Opening of New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. We’ve been counting down the days since we received the most elaborate invitation EVER in the mail to attend the New Fantasyland Grand Opening. Take a peek at our video and photos of the invite.

I surprised the kids with the beautiful invite – it literally is the most spectacular envelope that contained an actual storybook inviting us to New Fantasyland with a story and detailed map about the magic that awaits us.

Isn’t this invite awesome? This is the envelope here……

And this is the story book that was held within our gorgeous envelope. We felt like we were being invited to Cinderella’s ball!

I honestly am beyond excited to see the new attractions and magic. As a Disney fan, I can’t wait to immerse myself in Belle’s Cottage or explore Ariel’s world on her brand new ride. The kids are elated to be heading to Disney and this time will be extraspecial since we’re visiting during Christmas – and celebrating Kyle’s birthday too!

None of us have ever seen Disney at the holidays and I understand the resort is literally transformed. Take a peek at the Castle – I think I will cry when I see it tomorrow night I’l be so happy and excited!

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