DIY Back to School Supplies #WMTMoms

Creating DIY back to school supplies is a fabulous way to inspire kids to get excited about returning to school. Check out the DIY Back to School Supplies we decorated and created simply by using designer Duck Tape.

Super easy and so much fun for the kids to decorate their folders, pencils, and Kyle even made his own pencil cup for the desk in his bedroom.

 DIY back to school folders and supplies

What You’ll Need to Make DIY Back to School Supplies

We grabbed our class list for 1st and 3rd graders and stocked up on all we needed on the kids School Supply check list at Walmart. It’s August so everything is on a giant discount. We’re talking folder for $0.25 and Crayons for $0.50. Sweet!

Next, we came home and let the kids select their favorite styles of Duck Tape from our craft closet. There’s also a huge variety Duck Tapes styles and patterns on sale at Walmart too if you need to restock your collection. 

DIY Back to School Supplies with Duck Tape via

– Pencils

-Folders or Spiral Composition Notebooks

-Duck Tape Sheets

-Washi Duck Tape, Mini Duck Tape rolls and regular sized Duck Tape  

DIY back to school supplies

We love the Duck Tape sheets that are now on sale. The Duck Tape sheets are a quick way to create cool designs in a variety of shapes. These work fantastic for cutting out your child’s initials. Kenzie cut out the letter K and decorated her folder with it. Cute!

Duck Tape Sheets DIY School Supplies

The thin rolls of Duck Tape and Washi Duck tape were fantasic to wrap and roll around our pencils to create a stylish take on the “Classic” Yellow Ticonderoga pencils our school required we purchase.

Kenzie also decorated the covers of her spiral notebooks with the thin tape. Didn’t it all turn out great?

DIY Back to School Supplies Ideas

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