DIY Bling Storage Ideas for the Win!

Every January we go crazy purging the house of excess and TRYING to organize. Bins galore for the win! Bins rock and definitely help us manage the items we need to KEEP. Whether they be in the storage closets in the laundry room, our garage or our linen closet and beyond. Yes, we store and swap the seasonal clothing, but even to organize all those tiny essentials! Think lip balms, hair elastics and more. To make this type of “organizing storage” part of our decor, Kenzie is sharing a cute this DIY BLING storage she created.

DIY Bling Storage Instructions:

What You’ll Need: 

Storage containers from Walmart

– Adhesive Gems or Foam Stickers with sparkle

– Creativity and Patience


Easy peasy! You or your little girl can just get creative and decorate your containers to your own taste and style. All the gemstones work wonderfully for a tween girls bedroom to create a mini jewelry vanity for her to store all her goodies!

Here is the plain Sterlite mini 3 drawer storage unit we bought at Walmart. Priced under $10 at Walmart.

Before Kenzie’s efforts, it was just plain and boring and not fit for an adorable display on her bedroom bureau.

Adding all these fun gems and adhesives transformed it a super cute piece!

Other Storage Options
Walmart has a huge range of bins and organizing drawers that you can use to sort and store items both big and small. Both Rubbermaid and Sterlite are wonderful brands with quality storage.

Buy what you’d like and decorate however it works for your own home. Some colorful storage like these below don’t even need any decorations as the red and green is wonderful to store Holiday decorations and these bold bright colors look cool in a dorm room as a mini dresser just as is……

 Walmart Moms 2014 Spring Disclosure

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