DIY: Jelly Bean Garden How to Video 

It’s time to DIY to create some decorative and delicious Easter desserts. The Jelly Bean garden makes an adorable centerpiece and fun dessert for Easter holiday gatherings. Check out our DIY: Jelly Bean Garden How to Video below and a recipe inspired from Walmart’s food celebration ideas. I love how simple and easy this dessert is for busy Moms and it’s a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen and excited about Easter too!

DIY: Jelly Bean Garden How to Video

Take a peek at our video showing our final product and just how easy it is to dye shredded coconut green to create a grassy field for your sweet colorful treats!

Photos Making our Jelly Bean Garden

As you can tell the kids can take a really active role in this recipe! Hooray! Here are some photos showing just how simplistic is is to make a Jelly Bean Garden. At the bottom of my post I’ve included Walmart’s specific recipe however, as you can tell by my video and photos, what makes this recipe so wonderful is you can adapt it to your tastes by decorating  your garden with whatever candies appeal to you. So we literally  just went to Walmart and picked out some of our seasonal favorites that work in the garden. The only must do is to of course include that Chocolate Bunny cause he’s just too cute and shouts out Easter!

These are the general step by step instructions. It’s all self explanatory with these photos. The 1st step is to line your pan with pudding as this will be the dirt or soil for your project. You can add cookie crumbles too however we did not since my 8 year old son is gluten free. Our garden worked out just fine with only pudding and coconut grass as a base.

Dying our coconut is so easy! Just use a ziploc bag to swirl around your green food coloring drops and coconut!

Kenzie and Kyle loved helping out!


Jelly Bean Garden Recipe

As explained, you can use whatever candies you desire. This is what I bought to  make it all come to life! Below is the link to the actual official recipe from Walmart. Be inspired and get creative to make a Jelly Bean Garden to your families tastes!

Visit Walmart’s Food Celebrations website for all kinds of creative food ideas for holidays or any celebration. 

Official Link to Walmart’s Jelly Bean Garden recipe is here.


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