Dizzy Dancers Arrive for Spring 2012

We got a sneak peek at the soon to launch Dizzy Dancers from Hasbro which will be available in Spring 2012 at most major toy retailers and the Hasbro online toy shop. As expected, my kids were thrilled with the chance to test out a new to market toy!


Check out our video demo here.

Priced at $8.99, Dizzy Dancers, for kids age 4+ will make an easy, fun, and inexpensive birthday gift. Dizzy Dancers are cute little top like animals that spin and twirl on any flat surface after you manually activate their “dizzy cord” – brought to us by the makers of the Furreal Friends.

More than 50 Dizzy Dancer animal characters will be available this year. I definitely see this Dizzy Dancers being toys girls will collect and swap as you can switch out the top animals with any of the bottoms – so I imagine some trading will go on between kids. And with a price point of $8.99 this makes a PERFECT birthday party gift.


From the parents perspective, Mike and I felt these critters seem somewhat frivolous and another unneccesary toy to add to our never ending toy bins…. just like we often feel about many of toys my kids love but have a short attention span for after the initial opening. However, our kids would strongly disagree with that sentiment as they were FASCINATED with the spinning and twirling – especially the very idea that they could create and cause the spinning themselves by pulling the special “cord” quickly. The spinning doesn’t just happen on it’s own – Kenzie and Kyle were totally involved to make it happen. They loved the challenge of getting their Dizzy Dancers to spin and twirl. Here’s how you do it per these easy instructions:


Disclosure: Thanks to Hasbro for sending us samples of Dizzy Dancers to facilitate our review.

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