Do You Clean Like Your Mom?

We learn so much from our mothers. From family traditions and the way we bring up our children, to the down and dirty of cleaning—the way we do laundry, the way we clean our sinks and toilets. It’s all greatly influenced by mom.

Most of you know that I’ve teamed up with Scrubbing Bubbles to reveal the dirt behind why, how and when women clean as we go through different life experiences. Recent survey findings from the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index, revealed some fascinating stats about how women’s cleaning habits mirror those of our mothers:

  • 81 percent of moms teach their daughters how to clean
  • 94 percent of women are likely to still use the cleaning habits they first learned
  • 50 percent of women still call their moms first when looking for cleaning advice

I have to admit that I actually do not clean like my mother. (Of course she would argue her cleaning methods are far superior I’m sure!)  But a few techniques have stayed with me that I see my kids already learning.

Early on in my first apartment and then my townhome, the way I cleaned was definitely using the products and tricks she brought me up with as a child (of course I had to help clean as part of my weekly chores)!  Wet sponges for counters and powdered cleanser for my sinks and shower were her stand by techniques that I did use early on. However, after talking to roommates, friends and constantly struggling to get my surfaces clean, I sought out advice on product recommendations from friends to try to find a way to get the job done better, quicker, and to even use less elbow grease on my part.

According to the Dirty Work Index, I fall into the 53 percent of women who turn to their friends for the latest cleaning tips.

I started using multi-surface spray-on products for my kitchen counters and stove tops, like Fantastik Oxy Power Multi Purpose Cleaner and other Scrubbing Bubbles products for my bathroom showers and sinks. I found cleaning so much more fun, convenient and easy with more modern products.

My mom taught me to make my bed and I still do that EVERY DAY first thing!  And I confess I still use that wet sponge to clean up all the dirty bits on my kitchen tables, chairs, and floors from my children who know how to make quite a mess. The children are always begging me for their own sponge to help clean whenever they see me scrubbing down the kitchen table. I love it as I turn on music, pass them their own clean sponge and they give cleaning their best shot as they love to pretend they are orphans from the movie “Annie” being forced to clean by Ms. Hannigan!

I’m curious to know—do you clean like your mom OR who is your go-to for cleaning tips and advice? Share your thoughts at Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook page and at Scrubbing Bubbles Twitter page @ScrubbingBubble and check out these pages for a chance to win free Scrubbing Bubbles prizes.

* This post is sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles®, but my review and opinions are my own

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