Doh Vinci Vanity Set Video Review

From the makers of Play Doh, comes Doh Vinci, a brand new craft activity for kids aged 6+. We love it and predict Doh Vinci will be a very HOT toy for girls this upcoming holiday season and going forward. Super simple to use and lets kids be creative to easily create a trendy bright craft project. Check out our Doh Vinci Vanity Set Video Review below. You can enter our Doh Vinci giveaway here too until Sept 12th, 2014.

Doh Vinci Vanity Set Video Review

Doh Vinci’s Vanity Set is priced at only $19.99 and on sale now. You can buy additional colors and other sets are available as well.

Kenzie created this fantastic masterpiece using the 4 colors of “DECO POP” and the styler tool that lets you essentially draw with the Play-Doh like “DECO POP” material that is known as “Doh Vinci”.


This specific Vanity Set comes with a draw so kids can really use it as their own mini “vanity” to sit on a dresser to store jewelry, make-up or trinkets that little girls collect. Kenzie LOVES it!


I suspect Doh Vinci will be continually creating new craft kits for girls to create – from picture frames to wall hangings to cool jewelry boxes – girls will adore decorating with Doh Vinci. Perfect for creative and detail oriented kids who like crafts and this one requires ZERO help from Mom too!


Note: Thanks to Hasbro for sending us this media sample to facilitate our feature. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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