Giving Back: Donate Toys at Walmart with Toys Fill the Truck #FilltheTruck

I love to find ways to teach my children about giving back. Sometimes finding a drop off location for Toys for Tots or Salvation Army can be a challenge, but this yaer Walmart is making it very easy to donate toys to children in need with their Fill the Truck efforts. Thousands of stores across the country have bins where you can make donations. Then,Salvation Army will then make all donations available to local kids in need

The bins either look like an actual cardboard truck shown in my below photos. If not, most other Walmart locations offer Toys for Tots donation bins too.

This makes it super easy for customers to make toy purchases and an immediate donation while they are doing their own holiday shopping at Walmart. I went to my own local Walmart to pick out toys to give back. Walmart is doing something really fantastic with their product placement of discount popular toys and games in a bin labeled with the Fill the Truck logo. What a great way to remind customers to maybe pick up 1 or 2 extra toys to buy and then conveniently donate after checking out.


Notice all these great games priced at $7.77 in this bin along with more priced under $5. This makes it so affordable for families to be able to buy even just 1 more toy to then donate to a child in need.



Here’s more photos of the “Truck” so you can recognize it on your own shopping trip. If you don’t see this cardboard truck, just ask a manager as there will be another donation bin in the store – it just may look different.


Walmart provided me with a $100 gift card that I was able to use to make donations to families that I’m sponsoring at my children’s school. Our school works hard to create a “Mitten” tree and list requested gift or clothing items that children need. It’s all anonymous while also let’s us select a mitten and then shop and wrap for the child. It’s a great way to get my children involved too.


Look at all the toys I was able to purchase for $100! Incredible right? We donated these to the 3 children we were sponsoring via our mitten tree and are giving the remainder to Toys for Tots. I love that we’re able to give back during the holiday season!

Note: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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