Double Stroller Blues….

Gone are the days of just speeding around with 1 babe in a stroller. I dread using the double and avoid it whenever possible. Took the plunge for a family walk yesterday.
This double seater that converts to a traditional sit n stand is pretty good – but really does anyone LOVE their double stroller? I love that this ride is super lightweight for a double, incredibly easy to fold up and down and fit in my car, and that there is great sun shades for both kids if they need to sit down. The price was also very affordable within the family budget – my Mom actually gave it to me as a “new baby gift” when Kyle was born.

BUT……… is very hard to steer with both kids in it – especially now that I’ve put my 33 lb preschooler in the front making it somehow front “heavy” and tough to maneuver. Not to mention push up hill!
Anyone have any double strollers stories – good or bad? Seems every Mom has the double stroller dilemma!

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