Earn cash for your school with Box Tops and more!

Walmart is making it super easy for shoppers to earn cash back for their schools. After being an officer in the PTA for Kenzie’s public school last year, I realize the importance of fundraising for our schools – literally our efforts are what paid for our Kindergarteners to take field trips to the zoo and pumpkin patch and to host special assemblies at school for the kids too.

One really easy way to earn cash back for your school is through programs like Box Tops or Labels for Education. Walmart is doing a great job this year to promote these programs in store and online. They’ve even got a super easy Tab on their Facebook page for you to submit your Box Top codes and earn BONUS codes to then enter them in so the specific box tops go to your Dedicated School. (When you use the app you sign up for your specific School)

I bought all these specially marked cereal boxes that have EXTRA box tops – instead of the usual 1 box top worth 10 cents, some of my cereal boxes had as many as 2-4 Box Tops! Amazing and this means that $0.40 per box will be raised for Kenzie’s elementary school. I love it!


Labels for Education is another great way to give back to your school. Our district didn’t use this program last year but here’s the link to Labels for Education. And you can see specially marked products at Walmart have more BONUS labels for education like this yogurt I bought.


Another special program Walmart is offering is great for Parents and Kids – they’ve partnered up with Scholastic and Kellogg’s – these specially marked 3 packages of Kellogg’s cereals earn you FREE  $5 on a Scholastic Book Order – which is definitely a free book! You can claim the Scholastic Kellogg’s codes here.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Walmart. Walmart also provided us with a $25 gift card to to purchase Food that is a part of these programs so we could showcase the extra special incentives from these packaged goods at Walmart. 

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