Easter Basket Goodies for only $10 

Here comes Peter CottonTail…..Hopping down the Bunny Trail! It’s time to think about prepping for the next big holiday full of chocolate goodness, tasty treats, and hidden eggs! Walmart challenged us to make fill an Easter basket for under $10. Check out how we found all these fun and yummy Easter Basket goodies for only $10.

It was far easier than I thought it would be!
Walmart makes building a basket extra affordable with their wide selection of assorted baskets, candies and Easter goodies.

Yummy Adorable Easter Basket Treats for under $1

All these specific finds were only $1 at Walmart. Awesome! The $1 section in store at my local Walmart made sticking to a set dollar budget VERY easy to calculate during my shopping too. You can check out Walmart’s candy collections online here.

I was able to buy chocolate bunnies, Bubble wands, and even those carrott shapped Reese’s Pieces for only $1 each. My kids love all those ingredients in their basket so I love that Walmart prices these kid favorites for only $1.

I rounded out the basket with a few $2 type items that are personal favorites for my family – like mini Cadbury eggs!

Walmart also sells Easter baskets that are ready made full of treats and toys for only $10-$15 depending on the variety. If you are strapped on time this packaged collection is a great option for busy Moms and Dads.

You can shop Walmart’s ready made and complete Easter baskets online here.

Photos of the $1 Easter Candy and Toy section at Walmart

Take a peek at my photos showing a sampling of Walmart’s easily identifiable $1 Easter section. It was located in the main candy aisle in our store and made shopping VERY convenient and quick. And you can tell from my photos, the products available are adorable too – we are talking very cute chocolate bunnies galore!



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